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English Placement Test

CONGRATULATIONS to the learners with highest progress in the course:Usage from August 1st, 2019 to April 6th, 2020
 100% = 1 Level (4 units)

GroupUsernameSum of Progress (%)Sum of Training Use (Hours)Sum of Games&Stories Use (Hours)
Middle School : 6th26morenoaiden126280
Rio Grande Elementary: Batrez26rodriguezdiego12233.30.1
Middle School : 6th25iturririareyna10324.10.1
Middle School : 6th25PerezAlexis9019.50
High School22lechugakaitlynn8534.40
Middle School : 6th25lazaldeyvonne8318.60
Middle School : 6th25gomezjason8218.40.7
Middle School : 6th25polinogarciajesus8119.30
Middle School : 6th26albarrangonzalo8126.20
High School23rodriguezjamie7342.90